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"Bubbler" <Nono(a)> wrote in message
> After a re-install of Roxio EMC 9, Windows Explorer is very, very slow
> responding (eg. opening a drive or folder). I see no other apps running,
> and essentially no CPU usage.
> A google search shows a number of similar situations with WE, but no clear
> explanation or remedy. Any ideas?
> -Bub


I discovered an "orphan" virtual drive. I've been unable to delete the
drive (using many suggestions I've received), so I finally just disabled the
drive thru
device manager. Both [Windows]-E as well as "Windows Explorer" (thru the
Assessories Folder) are again "fast".

At this point, I suspect that I did the Roxio re-install a few days ago
without having deleted the virtual drive I had created with it some time

I'd like to get rid of the virtual drive, but have, so far, been
unsuccessful, so simply disabling it will have to do for now.

Thanks to all who offered ideas.