From: Brian on
There is a rather extreme difference in logon time at a workstation when
comparing domain admin logon and domain user logon.

Windows 2003 SBS
Windows XP Pro client
1. There is a LAN in the office housing the SBS domain controller.
2. There is a router-to-router hardware VPN between this office and a remote
3. There is no server in remote office, so the (only) PC in remote office
logs onto domain via the VPN.

When I log on as the domain admin, it takes somewhere between five and eight
minutes to log on & run the logon script. When I log on as a regular domain
user, it takes perhaps at most 45 seconds to logon and run the same logon
script. I already removed the admin local profile and logged on again to
recreate it.

I infer that it must have something to do with the admin having elevated
rights to resources on the server across the VPN, but what? I am a little
mystified (actually, I am a LOT mystified.)