From: WaxyBreath on
Thought I would share my support call fix with everyone, since website
support for the 8.1 ITM agent is pretty much non-existent on their
support site. (they can't event decide what to call it...)

double clicking on the tray icon spawns an error web page stating
nothing can be found.

The "iTechnology iGateway 4.2" service had been removed somehow. This
is the process that serves up the web page interface for the AV
agent. The actual files that we needed still resided at "C:\Program
Files\CA\SharedComponents\iTechnology" (igateway.exe is the service),
the fix was to find another client with same OS (2003 in this case)
and export the registry key for the needed service and merge it into
the registry of the problem machine. DON'T BE STUPID - BACKUP THE

Key to Export:

Finally, I rebooted the machine so the service would appear. Once I
verified the service was running, I am now able to get the interface
to appear!!
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