From: gpww on
I have this problem, and it doesn't seem to be intermittent. I checked for the NI Services Locator and it's not listed. My system is not a development system, but I have installed the runtime. I'm running VIsta 64-bit OS.
From: Stephen_S. on
Hi gpww, If you are not able to see your NI Service Locator in your list of services, that is most likely the source of the problem. Make sure that you are not having issues with your firewall and that port 3580 is open. I am looking into using NI Services Locator with a Vista 64-bit system, and will let you know if there are any problems with this. In general, this should only be a problem if you have debugging enabled, as discussed above, and should go away if you disable debugging.  Regards,Stephen S.