From: John Corliss on
Somebody pretending to be John Corliss wrote:
> John Corliss wrote:
>> (removed the forgery)

The post to which I'm replying is a forgery which I did not send. It was
sent through, with whom I don't have an account. I only
post through Computer Country (an ISP in Oregon) or occasionally,
through my account with

The alt.comp.freeware group is being flooded with forgeries. Keep your
eyes open by checking message headers, specifically looking for
"" in the path statement. Better yet (if you can) set your
news reader to flag everything sent through Note though, isn't the only service being used to post forgeries to this

John Corliss BS206. Using News Proxy, I block all Google Groups posts
due to Googlespam, and as many posts from anonymous remailers (like for eg.) as possible due to forgeries posted through them.

No ad, cd, commercial, cripple, demo, nag, share, spy, time-limited,
trial or web wares OR warez for me, please.