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Thanks to everyone's replies.
I've downloaded the live CD to have a play and will probably install on a
new HD instead if i don't dual boot it.



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On Jan 7, 4:28 am, Stefan Patric <n...(a)> wrote:
> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 07:34:54 +0000, Terminal Crazy wrote:
> > Hi i'm runningFC8 and have noticed FC12 is the current release. Is it
> > possible to upgrade to FC12 without a full clean install?  I know this
> > would be better but would like not to spend several days setting the
> > computer up.
> Upgrade from 8 directly to 12?  No.  You're asking for trouble even if it
> works which I doubt.  A clean install is your best and least problem
> prone option.
> So, bite the bullet: Clean install, and do a dual boot like I do leaving
> the old system (mine is 9) as a back up just in case.
> Stef

-I agree with your suggestions that a new install would be a better
solution and more saver.
But don't doubt a direct upgrade from Fedora 8 to 12 will not work, I
have a production mail servers in a big ISP that host more than 300
domains for companies, were based on Fedora 4 about 14 months ago and
I upgraded them last year to Fedora 10 and it was the last stable
Fedora version that time.
But of course i advice any admin to use more stable releases for the
servers work like Centos or Debian, Any way that was the case, Do you
know what it would be if the systems wouldn't boot, haha. I may would
be crazy as I carried the responsibility of upgrading the systems that
way, Some of the systems couldn't boot first time, But it was easy to
fix the boot problems, Believe me, If you want to enhance your skills
on Linux, be brave and do it, It will help you to learn great skills
on Linux.