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I GOT the fix for this problem:

OK I had this very same problem. It caused me to beat my head against
the wall, monitor and ground. I Yelled and screamed I have the blanking
file can't you see that. Now for the embarrassing part. This is hard
to admit but its part of the story. I�m an IT professional and work for
a major news paper. I was encountering this problem for several hours
and was trying to get tech support online and was reading this very
listing when one of my co-workers asked me what the problem was.

I told him that every time I goto the path where the files are the
@#$%$! Computer says files not found. He said to me. Well the error
message says to goto the directory where the files are kept. So you need
to go up one level in the tree and would you know it worked. Well I�ll
be a u know what.
So the moral to this story; read the whole bloody error message and
understand what it says.

The whole thins is rather misleading though.
When you run the Transfer wizard and select the directory you want the
files to goto. The transfer wizard created a fold with the file name of
�USMT2.UNC� and in here are the �.Dat� files the system is looking for.
So when it says goto the directory where the files are you would
naturally think to browse to this �USMT2.UNC� folder and select it as
the location of the files, but, what it wants you to do is select the
directory where the USMT2.UNC folder is located.


If you have saved the files to
C:\fing_backup\Stupid_backup\USMT2.UNC\�several .Dat files�
When is asked you to browse to the directory where the backup files are
located you will select:
C:\fing_backup\Stupid_backup �ONLY� you clear on this. Good
lesson learned.


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bradh007 wrote:

> I GOT the fix for this problem: ...
<snip - irrelevant reply since the OP died over 2 years ago>

Oh yeah, the OP has been diligently waiting those *31 MONTHS* for a
solution, uh huh. Next time notice the datestamps before posting.


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