From: Michael L. Jones Michael L. on
"David Kirk" wrote:

> I have a Gateway CX200X tablet on which I just did a clean install of Windows
> 7. As a result, the pen is completely disabled. Tablet features are enabled
> and there are various icons and menus indicating that to be the case but the
> screen does not recognize the pen at all. Windows update has tried and
> failed to download a driver; when I search for finepoint drivers, I end up
> with dead ends. Can anyone help me to get my tablet pen working again on
> Windows 7 or, in the alternative, how I would go about re-installing Vista,
> under which the pen worked fine.
> --
> David Kirk

I ran into nothing but grief until I downloaded the drivers for Vista and
XP. Neither worked at first. Once I uninstalled an HID-compliant device and
searched for new hardware, Windows 7 found the tablet.