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>I had the same problem for weeks. It would runs for a bit and then
> report it could not install. This was a pain because it would stop my
> BackupExec and not restart it. So some of my backups that run passed 4
> am would be stopped in their tracks. I tried all the suggestions on
> the web, from uninstalling to reinstalling, but nothing worked until I
> finally figured out that my problem was a missing local group. If you
> look at the hotfix install log, summary.txt (which I found in C:
> \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Hotfix\)
> you can see why the install failed. As you can see below mine was do
> to a missing local group.
> Error Number : 29512
> Error Description : MSP Error: 29512 SQL Server Setup was
> unable add user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM to local group CNTV
> I searched this error in google and found a posting that suggested the
> problem was that a previous install had removed the group and now when
> this hotfix tries to add the user to the missing local group the
> install fails. The solution is to convince the installer to recreate
> the groups. This is accomplished by deleting some registry keys. If
> you want to read the posting it is at this page
> but I will summarize below.
> - Run the regedit.exe program.
> - Back up your registry (use File -> Export and choose to export All)
> - Find any of the keys listed below and delete them. Don't worry if
> you do not have all the keys, I only had 2 of them.
> Server\MSSQL.X\Setup\SQLGroup
> Server\MSSQL.X\Setup\AGTGroup
> Server\MSSQL.X\Setup\FTSGroup
> Server\MSSQL.X\Setup\ASGroup
> - Once I deleted the keys, I downloaded the hot fix instead of running
> the Windows Update (
> BE0F87BC-37A4-4AB7-84C1-0E1A46F5463B/SQLServer2005-KB970892-x86-
> ENU.exe).
> - Last, I ran the hotfix and to my surprise it completed.

> I hope this helps anyone in this group who has suffered with this
> annoying hotfix.

Thanks for sharing the resolution.
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Robert Aldwinckle