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> Thanks, but the problem still occurs with the code you supplied. The
> problem
> was occuring before I threw the echo statement in there. I was just
> trying
> to stop it from repainting before the process was complete.
> I commented everything out except for the DoCmd.Open statement, and it
> still
> happened. I wonder if it has to do with recordsets. My DB is split
> frontend
> backend, the backend on a local shared drive. The 2nd (tabbed) form has a
> table as its Recordsource. You think I should try set this runtime?
> I don't know what else it could be. The form to open has no open, close,
> load form level events, and only two control level events.

I'm puzzled. *Something* odd is going on. If you'd like to send me a
cut-down copy of your database, containing only the elements necessary to
demonstrate the problem, compacted and then zipped to less than 1MB in size
(preferably much smaller) -- I'll have a look at it, time permitting. I'll
need a copy of both the front-end and the back-end, but I don't want all the
data in the back-end, just enough to demo.

You can send it to the address derived by removing NO SPAM and ".invalid"
from the reply address of this message. If that address isn't visible to
you, you can get my address from my web site, which is listed in my sig. Do
*not* post my real address in the newsgroup -- I don't want to be buried in
spam and viruses.

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