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Fraser quits
Here is a modern statement (in words ) of the Third Law of motion:

If a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act
upon another body
Fraser quits Liberal Party , Whitlam was pushed , Fraser jumped

If a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act
upon another body

The ''Reaction'' is one of the least understood of the basic physical
concepts, perhaps because it is often poorly taught or incorrectly
described in many publications (including in textbooks), or because
Newton's laws of motion may appear counter-intuitive (see that article
for a historical perspective and a statement of all three laws).


Here is a modern statement (in words only) of the Third Law of motion:

If a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act
upon another body
Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop comments in which she suggested
Australian intelligence authorities had used forged passports.

Ms Bishop maintains the Government overreacted in deciding to expel an
Israeli diplomat from Canberra over the use of forged Australian
passports in the assassination of a Hamas leader.

She says it is naive to think Israel is the only country using forged
passports in intelligence operations.

When she was asked if she believes Australia does, she replied yes.

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has quit the Liberal Party,
reportedly because he believes it is becoming too conservative.

Having had mossad help overthrow the left wing in 1975 , and being
installed as a israeli puppet to run Australia , he KNOWS the latest
passport scandal is only the tip of the iceberg , its no wonder he has
its time to come clean and tell the TRUTH for once to the Australian
people now they are saddled with the costs of decades of Israeli
The story of the Israeli secret service the Mossad.
Especially once the public discover the so called Australian
arrested in Thailand is an undercover israeli mossad agent using an
Australian passport as cover

So called ' australian " former ? soldier , Conor David Purcell
says authorities have nothing on which to convict him. A Briton, Jeff
Savage, 49, has also been arrested and charged for breaching emergency
law. , BOTH should be assumed as Mossad agents as they have Israeli

Fraser knows the game is over

Mr Fraser has previously criticized the party for becoming one of
"fear and reaction" and says it is now unrecognizable as the party he
joined more than 50 years ago.

The newspaper says his final decision to quit was made after he became
increasingly concerned with the conservative direction of the party.

The former prime minister has also been a vocal critic of the
Coalition's border protection policies.

This morning Mr Abbott paid tribute to Mr Fraser.

"He obviously has a right to make his judgements about where he
stands," the Opposition Leader told Macquarie Radio.

Liberal backbencher Petro Georgiou was a senior adviser under Mr
Fraser when he was prime minister.
The story of the Israeli secret service the Mossad.
He has told ABC's AM program that Mr Fraser left because the party is
different from the party he joined.

"I think Malcolm's had a classical Menzies-ian view of the party and
has been troubled by where he's seen the party going over recent
years," he said.

"I think [his resignation] should be viewed with a great deal of
sadness. It should be viewed as the action of a man who takes his
convictions very seriously."

When asked if anyone had tried to convince Mr Fraser to stay Mr
Georgiou replied: "That's something you'd have to ask Malcolm."

Mr Georgiou said he was deeply saddened by Mr Fraser's resignation but
said others would have to form their own view as to whether it is a
blow to the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott.

The ABC has tried to contact Mr Fraser for comment.
Video by ThaiTVNews, watch and hear his israeli accent here.
It is not the first time that we have seen farangs at the red rally,
but no one has been that vocal and gained that much attention than
Purcell, case in point this Bangkok Post story published on Sunday.

Conor David Purcell, a former Australian military reservist, is a
long way from home.

The 29-year-old has two infected hip wounds, no money, no passport
and survives on handouts from his Thai and foreign friends.

But when he takes to the red shirt stage at Ratchaprasong,
thousands of people stop and listen attentively to the Irish-born
Aussie “military” man as he reads his speeches, which are immediately
translated into Thai. (…)

The red shirt leaders nod their approval at Mr Purcell, who claims
to have done “quite extensive” work with the Australian Special Air
Service Regiment (SASR) and trained with the Singapore and Malaysia
military. (…)

Mr Purcell, who claims a political science degree from the
University of Western Australia

He says he was injured by two silicon-coated bullets while trying
to shelter behind an APC secured by the reds and now has a “dirty
wound” which cannot be stitched and has to be treated with

During the skirmish he lost his Australian emergency passport and
1,400 baht. He signed a statutory declaration at the Australian
embassy on April 20 detailing his ordeal. “They said you have to go
home straight away, then they walked back into their air-conditioned
office and made themselves a cup of tea,” Mr Purcell said.

“Wounded Australian on handouts takes to red shirt stage“, Bangkok
Post, May 2, 2010

Of course the Australian Embassy, at least one source, has told the
Bangkok Post to take this fellow’s story “with a big dose of salt,”
and was also sure that he has “actually broken quite a few Thai laws“.
Purcell himself has denied ever interfered in Thai political affairs,
as he was only giving an eyewitness account (see above).

He made a second appearance on April 27, where he gave a statement
after the deadly blasts at Silom on April 22.

Video by ThaiTVNews, watch part 2 here.
So that doesn’t sound much like a witness account, more like a rally
statement to me. While I don’t deny everyone’s right, Thais and
foreigners alike, to express their political opinion, I’m skeptical
about Purcell’s background (and so does this fellow blogger as well).

Who does this bloke thinks he is? The Last Samurai? Lawrence of
The story of the Israeli secret service the Mossad.