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Gordon Sande <Gordon.Sande(a)> wrote:

> On 2010-03-11 06:32:13 -0400, Terence <tbwright(a)> said:
> > My Mac is a MacBook Pro, it says here).
> The absence of page-up and page-down is more associated with it being
> a laptop than its being a Mac.

Yeah. In my prior post, I misguessed the system he was talking about.
The Mac system names can be confusing, as I well know. (Not that Apple
is at all unique in that regard). In particular, a Mac Pro is a *VERY*
different system from a MacBook Pro. That "book" part of the name is
more important than it might look. (A MacBook Pro is also a nice system
- just not what I had been thinking was meant.)

So my prior comments about 3rd party keyboards are less relevant. Do
note though that you can attach a USB keyboard to a Mac laptop. I used
to do so all the time at NASA when I was using a (much older) Mac laptop
as my desktop. It does mean that when you take the laptop on a trip, you
are suddenly having to deal with the keyboard differences if you were
used to using an external keyboard when the laptop was an your desk.

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