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On Wed 2038-Feb-10 09:42, liquidator writes:
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>> I've essentially said that, and other such things and been
>> accused of being less than kind. But, dislike it or not
>> it's the sad sad truth. Anybody who has such a limited
>> understanding of what's going on with a mixing console
>> shouldn't be operating one wherever people are paying for
>> the dubious privilege of listening to the results, even if
>> that payment is just buying a glass of beer.
ANd, might I add, supporting a church. IF I"m going to
support a religious institution I darned well better be able to come to worship events and hear what the presenters are
presenting, even from the seats in the back, or the choir
loft <g>.

>> IF that hurts somebody's feelings that's just too damned
>> bad!!!

> When American soldiers were in Vietnam, they told the story of the
> legendary Foo bird.

Was that foo bird or foo barred?

> Guys who wiped off it's poop geberally died.

REmember that one, an oldie but goodie as they say.
IN the case of the op's buddy with all the eq controls set
to the same place I but the sound is fubar.

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From: Arkansan Raider on
Richard Webb wrote:

>> Guys who wiped off it's poop geberally died.

Okay, so do you mean generally or gerbilly? Because that brings on a
whole new connotation that I'd rather not get into at this particular