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On Sat, 06 Feb 2010 09:36:50 -0800, Paul Furman <>

>Bruce wrote:
>> C J Campbellwrote:
>>> Steve Carlson said:
>>>> Your trolling attempts are done.
>>> Um, no. Yours are, however.
>> I wonder if he's the anti-DSLR troll?
>P&S don't hold any magic for macros, you can always stop down a DSLR for
>exactly the same DOF.

ROFLMAO!!!! And this advice coming from someone who couldn't even get a
whole pin from a CPU in focus with his DSLR. Even after DAYS of trying.

How much do you charge for your act on stage? This I've got to see!

>The story about the pro faking EXIF is obviously a fantasy, as is the
>trademark delusional gloating.

Yep, because you know him and you've been there. Got it!