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Using Mid Function with Pivot Table Calculated Item
Hi, I'm using excel 2007, I have a pivot table and I'm trying to create a calculated item, the formula for the Calculated item is: IF(MID('Project Title',7,1)="S", .20, .10) The Project Title field contains text and if the 7th character of the project title field is "S" I want the calculated item to return .20... 21 Mar 2010 20:52
Freeze the side column/top row & scroll others
what is the function to set (lock in or freeze) the first column and / or top row of a spreadsheet, so the words and numbers remain in the same place as you scroll the other columns and rows. (so you can add more columns..yet keep the main information in the first column/row) ... 21 Mar 2010 21:59
no respond/answer from formula entry
I,m entering a formula but when I ht enter ther is no answer/total the formula looks like this:=b2*(b3/(1-b6)):so b2=11,459,713.00 b3=13.40 b6=39.25% when i inpt ts formula my cell remains blank. I'm entering it just as it is and i'm hitting the enter key, not the enter box. ... 21 Mar 2010 21:59
Excel "data base engine failure"?
I am merging data from an Excel chart into a Word document to create a phone directory for our church. I've done merges many, many times before successfully. However, I am not able to do so at this time and get the following message: "Data base engine failure". Help. What do I do? ... 28 Mar 2010 14:35
Formula help for beginner
Hello, All I want to do is Column C is an amount Column D is a drop down list of Paid, Unpaid, Cheque If Column D = Paid or Cheque I want to calc the sum of the corresponding C amounts C D 5 Paid 5 Cheque 5 Unpaid 5 Unpaid 10 Paid total = £20 Thank... 21 Mar 2010 23:16
Automating a Worksheet
I have a lengthy worksheet which requires a single numerical input on A1 and it produces a single numerical output on F30. It has numerous formulas. I would like to apply this operation to a series of input data listed on, say, cells M1 to M20 and to produce related results on cells N1 to N20. Is there a sim... 23 Mar 2010 19:31
Automating a worksheet in Excel 2003
I have a lengthy worksheet that requires one numerical input on A1 and produces one numerical output on F30. I want to apply this process to a column of input data located on, say M1 ..... M20 and to achieve related outputs on N1....N20 Is there a simple process to do this? ... 22 Mar 2010 18:06
How do I copying data from a cell on sheet to a diff cell/sheet
It data entry of scores on worksheet one that has to be automatically copied to worksheet 2. Once I entry the data on wksht 1 want it placed on wksht 2. I run tournaments, need all of the date on worksheet 1 but only some on worksheet 2 so I can sort it. When I set up my wksht 2 us the formula =wksht1!C4 on... 21 Mar 2010 19:44
Combine macros variable help
So I've recorded a number of macros that each hide a different Week. Sub Macro1() ' Macro1 Macro Application.Goto Reference:="Week1" Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = True End Sub .. .. .. Sub Macro10() ' Macro10 Macro Application.Goto Reference:="Week10" Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = True... 21 Mar 2010 10:30
How to get repeatable Excel RAND sequence?
Is there any way to seed (initialize) the Excel 2003 RAND function so that subsequent calls to RAND result in a repeatable sequence? I have tried seeding the VBA Rnd function, to no avail. No surprise that the two are unrelated. It was a "hail Mary" try. Although I know how to get a repeatable Rnd sequence, I... 26 Mar 2010 18:00
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