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Should I use an antivirus program, or an internet security suite to
protect my privacy on internet? This has been the most important
question which strikes in the mind of various people who are
to the Internet. They are worried about protecting their privacy when
they are connected to Internet. Some use the paid version of the
antivirus programs while others make use of the online privacy
protection suites for protecting their privacy.
A major concern for the Internet users is privacy. Internet is
expanding at very high pace, so with this extraordinary expansion it
gave rise to a large number of privacy issues, which has been very
difficult to solve and address.
There are some websites which allows users to gain information on any
individual, verification of assets, background searches, checking the
criminal record of any person, civil judgments, property ownership
record and many more by paying a very nominal charge.
So, if someone with cruel intentions need to get more information
about any individual then these websites are the correct place to
search information. The ways to compromise the data privacy on
internet is based on certain aspects like the ability to handle the
type and sequence of information Internet.
The spams and unsolicited emails violates the privacy of a user
computer system. The unsolicited e-mails carries the suspicious links
which is directed to a location that contains malicious code and
certain harmful threats. There are some websites which are capable of
tracking the users footsteps by making sue of a cookie which is
on the users computer. Whereas the others require the users to enter
their personal information and their interest, which are recorded and
maintained in their database.
The cookies are able to store the information about a computer
so many users are unaware of the transfer of information which might
be occurring because of cookies. So, the use of cookies can be
considered as an ethical issue. Various companies engaged in the
online transactions are unable to completely ensure the privacy of
user on Internet. The antivirus application from a trust worthy
will be able to prevent information theft to some extent thereby
ensuring the privacy to some extent.
There have been various types of international regulatory and self-
regulatory initiatives taken for finding out the solution to this
issue of privacy. But there has been a very little growth in handling
online privacy.
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