From: Martin Holmes on
On 10-08-08 08:00 PM, Glennbo wrote:
> So my kid's Eee PC 900 got ripped off this Summer and my wife suggested
> that I get myself a new Eee and let him have mine for use at school.
> I jumped on that, and ordered the Asus 1201N. It has a 1.66GHz Dual Core
> Intel Atom N330 CPU. Nvidia's HDTV capable Ion chipset with an HDMI out.
> They also put a full size keyboard on this one, and a 12" 1366x768 HiRes
> screen. It also has *two* 1GB sticks of RAM so you get the interleaved
> performance boost of linear mode.
> The only real negative is the battery life is way shorter than the 6-8
> hours I get with my current Eee PC 901. The specs say 5 hours, but most
> reviews I've read claim more like 4 when you are running HD video on it.
> That still works for me as about the only time I'm running on battery is
> out on my patio, watching HD video, so if I can make it through a full
> extended movie, or a couple 1 hour HDTV shows, I'll be totally happy.
> It should run Reaper very well too, and has a 250GB HD, so storage won't
> be as cramped as it is on the 4GB and 8GB SSDs that are in the 901.

I have an Acer 1410 with similar specs, and I have seen 5 hours battery
life out of it, but not running HD video. I love the laptop, though --
runs Ubuntu nicely, and Win 7 seems OK when I occasionally boot into it.
Actually, you tend to get better battery life with Windows, so you might
indeed get five hours.

I also have an Eee PC, and the higher res screen on the Acer is really
nice in comparison.

From: Bob Donald on
> I played about an hour and a half of live HiDef video out on the patio
> and only had a couple instances of wireless N interference. I watched
> about an hour and a half of vid, and now I'm back inside with another
> 1:37 to go, according to Windows 7 Home Premium. I've had the Eee on the
> forced "high performance" mode for about two hours now, and am just
> switching it back to auto mode.

Awesome! How's the quality with the backlit LED? I ran into a couple of
issues with wireless N also, but it seemed to keep up for the most part when
streaming. If we get this house I'm taking 2 weeks and running cat5e into
all the rooms while it's empty though, so I wont have to rely on it.

> Whoa, I just hit the battery icon again and now that I'm back on auto
> mode, it says I have another 2:35 to go before the battery is going to
> finally putz out. This puppy does run hotter than any Eee PC I've had to
> date, but I've made sure and kept it unobstructed vent-wise and have run
> it for an hour and a half on HiDef stuff in 92 degree weather outside.

The battery indicator is all over the place with mine. It will go from 11
to 5 to 7 within an hour. My acer runs pretty hot too, lately, but we've
been having some nasty heat out here too.

> I will be doing more testing on this to compare what I've seen with other
> Eee PCs I've owned. I've loaded Reaper up on it, and installed some FX,
> but I haven't got enough up and running there to make any comments yet.

Did you do any tweaking to it yet?