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> On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 08:42:48 -0500, Ohmster wrote:
>> (Holy sh*t, you remember exactly when you gave me the links to the
>> day, years ago!)
> Not really. There is this way-back machine. You may have heard about
> it,

Yeah, I remember the wayback machine. I even remember Mr. Peabody and his
"always having a question that needs answering friend", who's name I do
remember but do you remember? Mr. Peabody sure did teack a lot back then.

>> I
>> only know bits and pieces of scripting and programming languages like
>> BASIC and a little C. dim, gosub, goto, if then, return, for A=14,
>> next A, etc. awk, gawk, perl, and stuff like that is fascinating but
>> I have not been able to absorb any.
> Check out third paragraph after header at

The second paragraph is even more funny and accurate. You got me on this
one Bit. I will copy for posterity and my own lessons, as soon as I can
wrestle away some spare time for it. Thank you my very good and dear
friend, Bit Twister!

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