From: walter on
I opened up some past projects, loaded some soft synths, and all worked

Turns out this issue is only on three projects - three of which I did some
stupid things with EZ Drummer, which caused crashes - hence can't add any
more soft synths - for whatever reason. (Actually, I can - as long as I
turn down the volume of said synth during recording - 'cause it records data
correctly - just HEAR it with huge delay. Being a keyboardist for many
years I can do this easily - don't need to hear it while I playing the
part). So......

No more stupid dog tricks with EZ Drummer, and I'll be fine.......

Thanks to all of you for your help. Appreciate it.


"Sue Morton" <867-5309(a)domain.invalid> wrote in message
> Just for experimentation, can you keep increasing latency until the synths
> will play without any problems, or does the problem keep happening no
> matter how high you increase it? Can you freeze all but one synth to one
> track and will it work at some latency?
> Questions:
> 1. Did this used to work before with this/these synths or has it never
> worked (e.g. this is first time trying
> 2. Same problem with all synths you've tried (list them)? Or just these
> (list them)? -- Found any that work?
> 3. How many tracks in your project? How many with synths? Buses? How
> do you have the routing configured into and out of the synths?
> 4. What is the source of the MIDI data for your synths? E.g. typed in by
> hand, recorded via external keyboard and saved, imported from external
> midi (downloaded from web, purchased, generated by Finale, etc.)
> 5. What changed since it used to work (if it did)? m$ updates, running
> simultaneous programs you didn't used to run, install a new program,
> installed Sonar patch, etc. etc. etc.
> 6. Specs -- what OS patch level and addressing (e.g. XP Pro SP3 32-bit
> fully current via m$ update), machine (CPU, memory, disks, soundcard)? Any
> external equipment involved in this problem (mixers, audio or midi
> keyboard, etc.)
> 7. Rebooted the box lately? If not, try that.
> --
> Sue Morton
> "walter" <bullet(a)> wrote in message
> news:5LidnYqbsrgXq1HWnZ2dnUVZ_rednZ2d(a)
>> Producer 8.5. When I load ANY soft synth - all is well.... no latency
>> issues...... until
>> All I have to do is hit play..... and soft synths produce at least 250ms
>> or more latency.
>> Have to reload synth, but then same thing happens. I cannot record or
>> anything.
>> Anyone know what's going on?
>> Thanks, Walter