From: sam on
Hi All,

I know how to pull data from access and populate fields in excel userform
when I have only one row to pull from for a particualar Student_Id, BUT I am
having issues
with pulling data from multiple rows for the same student( if the student
has multiple courses, it is displayed in multiple rows in a table) and
displaying them on the form once I input student ID.

For eg: I have a table "Student_Details" in access

Student_Details consists of Student_ID, Course, Grade, Quarter_ID

Student_ID Course Grade Quarter_ID
JP11456 Math A SP01
JP11456 Phy B SP01
MN3443 Bio B SP01
MN3443 Math A SP01
MM4456 Chem A SP01
MM4456 Math B SP01

So Basically, Once I Input Student_ID as "JP11456" in the student_ID field
in the excel Form, I want all the student data to be displayed in the form in
their respective text boxes, something like this:

Student ID: JP11456

Course Grade Quarter_ID
Math A SP01
Phy B SP01

I have created upto 3 textboxes for each field "Course", "Grade",
"Quarter_ID" as any student can take a maximum on only 3 courses per quarter.

Hope I made it clear,

Thanks in advance