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Hi, I'm required to present some info at my work, using two excel files. This
is the task:

File 1, has ID numbers in column A, and column B is blank.

File 2, has ID numbers in column C and column D has the date the person
joined the company

File 1 es a select grop of people (about 2500), whereas File 2 is the
general database (about 30thou)

They're asking me to match the data, in order to end up with the
coresponding date they joined the company in column B on File 1 (obtained
from column D on file 2), how to do it? taking in account that File 1 is
outdated and some people might not be in file 2.

I would really appreciate any help you might give me.

From: Mike on
1 IDnum DateJoined
2 ID001 2/3/1991
3 ID002 3/4/1992
4 ID004 4/5/1993
5 ID005 5/6/1994
6 ID006 6/7/1995
7 ----- --------

1 IDnum DateJoined
2 ID006 6/7/1995
3 ID004 4/5/1993
4 ID001 2/3/1991
5 ID005 5/6/1994
6 ID003 #N/A
7 ID002 3/4/1992
8 ----- --------

[File1.xls]Sheet1!B2: =VLOOKUP(A2,[File2.xls]Sheet1!C:D,2,FALSE)


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