From: Adam on
This one has me stumped so far. Can anyone here suggest anything?

I'm still using (among other things) an HP Color LaserJet 5M.
Suddenly, starting today, it's shifting all printing 2.5" to the
right on each page, so the left-hand side of each sheet is blank,
the left margin starts about 2.5" in, and the right-hand side of
each document is off the paper. That's for letter-size (8.5"x11")
paper. With legal-size (8.5"x14") paper (the only other paper tray
I have), things are shifted down instead of sideways. In other
words, whichever edge it prints first is 2.5" past the leading edge
of the paper, and the print runs off the trailing edge.

I can't think of anything I've done that might have caused this.
Resetting the printer to the factory defaults, power-cycling it, or
even disconnecting it from the computer (or technically the LAN, as
it's connected to my DSL modem/router) and then printing its
self-test page make no difference -- everything is still offset 2.5"
to the right (or down for legal-size). That should rule out any
computer or application settings as the problem. I checked the
paper-tray-size-sensors and they seem to be okay, and it does
recognize which paper tray (of my two) is inserted.

If it's relevant, this printer has 52MB RAM, the JetDirect
(Ethernet) adapter, no cartridges in that space right of the paper
tray (under the display), and no rear sheet feeder.

Thanks VERY much in advance for any information that'll help keep
this dinosaur running!

Email: adam seven zero seven AT verizon DOT net