From: philo on
Paul wrote:
> Roger Harrison wrote:
>> I'm looking for a good Hard Disk Repair program,all I see in google is
>> data recovery
>> software,and some of them very expensive.
> The only software which remotely resembles hard drive repair, is Spinrite.
> This article may give you some idea as to whether the concept has any
> merit.
> Paul

Though Spinrite is a good application

it costs more than a new drive

so unless you run a computer shop it would hardly be worth it

besides...I'd never trust a refurbished drive...
it's not worth the gamble
From: ybS2okj on

"Roger Harrison" <xbatt48v(a)> wrote in message
> I used a program called "HDD Regenerator"(free trial) to check a 200gig
> drive
> the drive is blank but I want to use it as a second drive.The compter kept
> telling
> that the drive had bad sectors.CHDSK didn't find anything,The HDD
> Regenerator did,but I have to buy the program,which will end up costing
> more than the drive.Thanx for your response
> to repair the defective sectors.

This is a very simple matter for Windows XP to deal with. I suggest explore
what Windows tools can do for your HD because checking it is pretty simple
and very reliable. If it can't be "repaired" by windows, I bet it can't be
repaired by any other commercial packages either.


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