From: Bill Anderson on
(PeteCresswell) wrote:
> Per shaw news:
>> one may as well take this opportunity to
>> do a clean install
> And, while at it, partition the drive into C: (system) and D:
> (data), make and image of C:, and start saving stuff only to D:
> That way, if/when things go South again, you can restore the C:
> partition from the image in less than an hour instead of spending
> 6+ hours rebuilding.

I did it yesterday (Paul might say not a month too soon) and things are
running just swell, thank you all very much. Seriously, things are
running great, and I never ran a Windows "repair" at all.

Of course I merely swapped one Asus socket 775 Intel P45 chipset board
for another (P5K Deluxe WiFi Ap for a P5Q Pro Turbo), but I was
expecting to encounter more problems than I actually did. See, I am
running four different OS installations, so I had to persuade four OSs
individually to accept the new board. (Two WinXP 32-bit, one Win7
32-bit and one Win7 64-bit.) Physically swapping out the motherboards
(including processor and fan and all the rest) took a lot less time than
nursing the four OS installations back to health, but I finally got
there and all is perfectly swell now. Basically it was just a matter of
loading new drivers, most of which was handled somewhat slowly by the
operating systems themselves. Several times they lost track of where
..sys files were located and I had to point them to the right place
(almost always the drivers folder in windows\system 32). The only real
hiccup came with Win7 64-bit which at first boot went through a long
routine of loading and checking over 6000 items at the opening screen
and then locked up. I rebooted a few times and it would always hang at
the same place on the lovely blue Win7 "welcome" screen. So I booted
into safe mode, changed nothing at all, exited and rebooted and all has
been working fine ever since. The two XPs and Win7 32-bit were much
less trouble.

Note: On first boot for all four OSs I'd have a very low resolution
display with a note that no ATI drivers were found. On reboot for all
four the drivers were found just fine and the display was exactly as I'd
left it on the previous mbo.

When it was all over there was only one thing I wish I'd tried. The
last OS I worked on was Win7 64-bit and this time I forgot and left the
P5Q installation DVD in the drive as things were starting up. To my
surprise, Win7 64-bit started looking at the DVD and loaded drivers from
it automatically with no input from me. I'd loaded all those drivers
one at a time from the DVD with the other OSs, but maybe that wouldn't
have been necessary if I'd kept the DVD in my optical drive the whole time.

And if anybody cares or remembers, the power on/no boot/power off, power
on/no boot/power off, power on/no boot/power off, power on -- beep,
boot, no more problem problem I've been reporting over the past few
months seems to have gone away now. Maybe. I'll believe it after a
month or so of good performance. Can it really be that the problem was
not a flaky power supply or flaky memory sticks, but a flaky motherboard
after all? Keeping my fingers crossed.

Bill Anderson

I am the Mighty Favog
From: Minh Tran-Le on
On 2010-04-06 19:16, Minh Tran-Le wrote:
> Just trying to figure out if it is possible to change:
> OLD: P5E3-Deluxe with Intel Q6600
> NEW: P7H57 with Intel I7
> SAME: disk drive
> SAME: OS Win7 64bit
> SAME: Graphic card
> Will I need to do a fresh install and have to reinstall all my
> applications or could just do a repair and maybe re-activate ?
> Thanks.

Just to report back on my original question. I just did multiple
motherboard switch: OLD->NEW_1->OLD->NEW_2 because my NEW_1 mb was
defective after a few days.

But I am happy to report that with Win7 x64 is pretty painless. I had
downloaded the new drivers on the local drive before the switch but the
system went looking for new driver automatically once you tell it where
to look for.

I did not remove any old driver (at least not yet) and when I had to
swap back my old mb, everything was still working.

It did request me to re-activate after 3 days because of the major
hardware changes but it did not request me a new activation key.