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First off:

1. I am very new to PowerPoint.

2. I checked Microsoft's Knowledge Base and didn't find what I needed, but
that could be because I don't know the exact terminology to use to find it?

That said, I am working on a PowerPoint template and have set up some layout
master slides. For purposes of illustration I will focus on just one of them
- "Staffing/Personnel". It has a title at the top ("Staffing/Personnel"), and
two columns of copy that are made up of an indented heirarchy of bulleted
text - First 24 point (no indent), then a line of 20 point (tabbed once), and
then multiple lines of 14 point (tabbed again).

When I add a new slide in normal view and specify the "Staffing/Personnel"
layout, it gives me the correct title but only gives me the first line of
text at 24 point.

Is there a way to ensure that I can have it display both whole, formatted
columns of copy when a new page is created? I would like end users to be able
to just replace copy and not worry about tabbing or formatting. We're
figuring that this will help us keep the end users from screwing up the
layout too much.

I hope that makes sense and thank you for any information you can give.