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Dear Cédric:

I understand your idea, and see its merit, but more in context with Europe
than North America.

There has been, to my knowledge, always a deep-seated difference in the
personal attitudes of Europeans versus North Americans in regard to
communications, interpersonal relations and thence applied to computing
which may limit the ad hoc acceptance of such an idea on this side of the
pond more than you may be expecting. This I find very unfortunate, but such
has seemed the case since the days of DOS.

While there are those here, who, like myself, p[refer to think "out of the
box" first, then look inside, they are a minority and too often not

Therefore, as a marketer, your greatest challenge here would be to "sell" a
much more open mentality to millions of North Americans.

If you take an analytic look at the interactions of the battles U.S.
President Barack Obama is fighting, you may understand yourself the
underlying commonalities of your challenge and his.

In Canada, the scene may be a bit more docile, but, rhetorically, is it
really any more pro-active?

Best regards,

Bruce Martin
Quebec, Canada.

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Subject: [discuss] Hello, i would have an idea for OpenOffice


my name is Cédric Fabry, i am a student in Marketing. I wanted to share with
you the idea of making an online version of OpenOffice, it would be like the
products of Google text and tables, but i would be like the Openoffice you
have on your computer. This would bring the opportunity, that at first more
people would use OpenOffice and at second that you could use it wherever you
want to. If you are on a trip somewhere and you don't have Openoffice
installed, you just use the online version. Like there is a trend going to
cloud systems, it could be a possibility to compete with Google and to
present to the people a better product, so that the people would have a

Thanks for hearing my idea, would be nice to see an online version of
OpenOffice one of these days.

Sincerely yours

Cédric Fabry
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