From: greenchile505 on

John H Meyers wrote:

> > I did see one [HP15C] on craigslist the other day for $175.

Thank you for clarifying my ambiguity.

> HP12C (no big deal since still in production),
> HP15C, HP16C, HP34C, HP32E, and ...

I thought of something this evening, and was wondering if it's been
discussed. Since most comp.sys.hp48 and MoHPC experts agree the 15c
(and siblings) will never see a revival or remake, has anyone
petitioned HP to add some 15c and 16c like functionality to the 12c?
Call it a 12cx, for "expanded", and give us some scientific tweaks
under the hood.

They could add Trig and some other nice functions found in the 15 and
16c. And MAYBE change a few "seldom used" keys or give us a few labels
on the silkscreen? If the Finance freaks won't let us have any keyboard
real estate, how about we use an overlay?

If everyone agrees HP will not start making 15c's again anytime soon,
why not put some effort in asking for an enhanced 12c?