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Thanks so much Dale. I was aware of this option, but I manage 6-8 projects
concurrently, so it doesn't help me. I'll see if I can get direct access to
the files on my network and set up shortcuts for each project.

With the hundreds of optional settings made available on MS applications,
I'm always amazed at the ones that get left out.. But hey, at least I can
make my task bars fuchsia!

"Dale Howard [MVP]" wrote:

> JB --
> Since you didn't specify a version, I will assume you are using Microsoft
> Project 2007. Do the following:
> 1. Click Tools - Options - General.
> 2. Select the "Open last file on startup" option.
> 3. Click the OK button.
> The above steps are you only other option, which is to automatically open
> the last file you saved and closed in your previous session with Microsoft
> Project. Otherwise, you live with the new blank file every time you launch
> the software. Hope this helps.
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> > 99% of the time I open Project, I want to open an existing project, not
> > start
> > a new one. Because we're using project server, I don't even know where
> > the
> > files are, so I can't open them directly. I access them through
> > File/Open/Retrieve from Project Server.
> >
> > So how can I prevent Project from starting a New file when starting
> > (forcing
> > me to close/discard changes everytime)?