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Outlook doesn't let you use scripts, even those embedded within image files
to regulate the playback of multiple frames), in e-mails. You also have no
control over what e-mail client that a recipient uses or how they configure
it. Don't expect many of your victims to get bothered seeing the
superfluous animation. In fact, since you are likely doing this for
spam/bulk e-mails, and since this can comprise a major portion of bytes for
your e-mail, expect to get your fluffy e-mails snagged by spam filters. You
sending multiple e-mails, especially to the same domain, results in the mail
server seeing the same or nearly the same content being sent to multiples of
their customers, and that qualifies as bulk or spam traffic.

Why are you trying to divert the recipient's attention to a fluffy and
frivilous animated signature? Is the body of your e-mails so devoid of real
content of interest to your recipients that you have to pretend there is
more than there is by sticking in cutsy but trivial content? A huge pretty
bow on a tiny box of cracker isn't going to fool the recipient that they got
a chintzy gift.

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don't expect others to know what is your situation. Explain YOUR computing
environment and just what actions you take to reproduce the problem.

Often you get just one chance per potential respondent to elicit a reply
from them. If they skip your post because you gave them nothing to go on
(no details, no versions, no OS, no context) then they will usually move on
to the next post and never return to yours.

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