From: David J. Braden on
Great idea, imho.

Bob I wrote:
> Do RAND() first, Sort, THEN apply 1-9004 to the results.
> Meesh wrote:
>> I'm trying to randomly assign a number between 1 and 9004 for a mailing list
>> in Excel. What I plan to do, is then sort cases from smallest number (1) to
>> largest number (9004) and take the first half to use in my sample for a
>> survey project. I want each 'case' in the list to recieve one number b/w 1
>> and 9004 with NO duplicates. The formulas I have tried using with no success
>> in eliminating duplicates are: =TRUNC(RAND()*9004) and
>> =TRUNC(RAND()*9004-1)+1.
>> Please help!

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