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On May 13, 5:04 am, "Michel Posseth [MCP]" <m...(a)> wrote:
> Hello K ,
> If Cor is right and we are indeed  dealing here with a person who wrote a
> "program" in office VBA
> well then the solution would be to rewrite that macro into a full featured
> program and deploy it as a compiled exe
> If you choose .Net as your platform then do not forget to obfuscate the
> binaries otherwise you are back at your original problem :-)
> Michel
> "Cor Ligthert[MVP]" <Notmyfirstn...(a)> schreef in berichtnews:uLm$XCo8KHA.1888(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
> > Sorry,
> > I don't understand you.
> > Is this about an Net Exe or something else.
> > I get the idea that you are writing about something like MS Access
> > A Net project is normally not distributed.
> > Cor
> > "K" <kamranr1...(a)> wrote in message
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> >> Hi all, I got macro in which I can Lock VBProject with SendKeys.  But
> >> problem with SendKeys that they not work on every User's Computer and
> >> Users can see all the hard work which I put to create my macros.  I
> >> tried to search for the sultion but I came across with the comments
> >> that its not available because of the security issues.  Well i want to
> >> say that i don't want to Unlock or Cract the VBProject.  I just want
> >> to Lock it Programmatically.  If there is no sultion then its my
> >> message to Microsoft that they should at least put this function also
> >> that you can secure your Macros or VBProjects with programming so if
> >> any one who works very hard to create VB codes, someone else could not
> >> copy his work without his permission.

What do you recommend to obfuscate your .NET assembly? or to obfuscate