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"aussieinquirer" <aussieinquirer(a)> wrote in message

> Thanks for that. I configured account settings on both computers to leave a
> copy of messages on the server. But now mail again only comes to the
> computer
> that is online at the time i log on to the server i.e. the email i received
> on my laptop while interstate yesterday (and didn't delete) is not on my
> home
> computer today. And the email i received on my home computer today will not
> download copies to my laptop when i turn it back on. Any chance I can get
> emails received on the laptop to also download to my home computer when i
> log
> on? (as i don't deal while i'm away with all emails received on my laptop
> while away).

What mail service are you using? Some mail services (gmail, for example),
don't implement POP in a typical fashion. The servers keep track of what
messages have been sent to ANY client and won't download them again even if
requested by a new client. Log into your mail server using a web interface.
Are the messages actually there?
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]