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"Booli" <lasithakamalpriya(a)> wrote in message
> On Jul 17, 8:22 pm, John John - MVP <audetw...(a)> wrote:
>> On 7/17/2010 10:27 AM, Booli wrote:
> Mr.john Shehan & Peasus I appreciate your great help. I can block USB
> by the software that u suggested. I'm person liable person for the Pc
> systems in my office. Other users in my office are very new to the
> computers. So I discuss with the boss to take all the admin
> privileges belongs to me on our system. It is a better idea to install
> a sever system but It's much expensive method for us. I decided to
> become admin of all that pcs by giving others to limited account. I
> keep one password for all other pcs & block USB with that software &
> change TCP/IP & Gateway Address, Automatically to such as then
> any one can not access to Internet because the a limited. I do this
> all for protect our PC Accounting software database from viruses. I'm
> sorry if I disturb you. again I grateful to you for your kind help.
> Thanks
> Booli

Clearing the Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses will indeed prevent
your users from accessing the Internet. Just make sure that the user's can't
change it back again. Alternatively, to confuse them, you could enter
incorrect addresses.

From: Jason S on
Booli <lasithakamalpriya(a)> wrote:
> In my office we have 6 computers which are connected by a Hub.
> I have created a user group call "CECILIYAN".
> I have connected internet one port of that hub. So any one can access
> to Internet in that group.
> Now I want to make my PC as the Administrator of this user group.
> And I should be able to control other PCs by blocking USB Pen drives &
> Internet Access & other things.
> Please let me know how to do it. Is there any third party tool or
> registry editing or any way to control that things
> Thank you.

I'd say get a copy of windows server or something and install it on one
of your machines or get a dedicated machine to run said server. But
that's just me.

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