From: George's Pro Sound Co. on
Again, I am forced to take a stand for the stability of my company and my
ability to meet the wages and responsibilities of those I have hired
here is another draft of a letter being sent to a promoter whom is not
acting in a way I find responsible or professional

LC the time has past where I can work on a promise to pay, all the deadlines
for the reservations I needed to make for flights and truck rentals and
staff hiring have past with out you replying to any of my emails, I have no
idea what is going on, this is not a position I can be in and give you
profession work.
I have run into many folks whom left your last event with less than their
promised wages.This means our relationship will now be pay in full in
advance , I will make no plans or spend any funds out of my pocket in
anticipation of this event.
My fee for the two stages until march 15th is xxxx.xx after march
fifteenth it will be XXXX.XX
This payment is for Public Address system and BASIC lights ONLY no back line
or "concert light show production" is included .
I addition I need 3 rooms at no charge and free full
hospitality(buffets and all areas access) For me and my staff, as I am
coming with enough staff to manifest two shifts a day due to the hours of
the production.
On april 1st if payment has not been received you may consider me
withdrawn from this event, I need to work in a professional way and quite
frankly the lack of communications is sending up so many red flags that they
can not be ignored.
Again this must be paid in advance by certified check or bank money
order to
George's Pro Sound Co