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>>>>>>> Seems a shame to upload so many unchanged files.
>>>>>>> Thanks for your input
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>>>>>>>> Simply make the changes you need on your local copy of the site and
>>>>>>>> re-publish again with VS 2008 just like you did the first time.
>>>>>>>> -Scott
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>>>>>>>>>I used vs2008/build/publish to copy my files from my computer to my
>>>>>>>>>web site.
>>>>>>>>> Now I want to update a file or two.
>>>>>>>>> Should I use a general ftp client like FreeFtp or is there a
>>>>>>>>> better way?
>>>>>>>>> I would expect that vs2008 might have the capability to
>>>>>>>>> synchronize the remote site automatically but I did not find it.
>>>>>>>>> My first look at my site I didn't see any .vb files. If you expect
>>>>>>>>> them not to be there I'd like to know why not. Could be I need to
>>>>>>>>> look better.
>>>>>>>>> Thanks in advance
>>>>>> There are other ways to selectively upload the files you want (any
>>>>>> FTP program will do), but depending on the changes you've made and
>>>>>> whether you've made a web site or web project, you'll also need to
>>>>>> upload more than just the .aspx files. I belive that VS will let you
>>>>>> pick and choose options like "only files that have been changed" or
>>>>>> "all files", etc. You shouldn't have to upload the whole site again.
>>>>>> -Scott
>>>>> I'm doing a web site not a web project.
>>>>> I did find vs2008/Edit/Copy Website (I think that is the menu item
>>>>> text) but I need to read about it yet to understand the features.
>>>>> The way I published I think it precompiled all the behind-code (.vb,
>>>>> .cs) because I don't see the files on the server. I don't know how I
>>>>> can update those precompiled files on the server because I don't
>>>>> believe I have them precompiled locally.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>> If you pull down the "Build" menu and then choose the "Publish" option,
>>>> you'll see various choices for how pre-compilation can be done.
>>>> -Scott
>>> I know. I only selected the option that enables the site to be updated.
>>> Maybe I need to publish to a local folder and move changed files from
>>> there.
>>> Thanks
>> That option doesn't mean that the site can be updated (indeed, the site
>> can be updated no matter what you select). That choice offers you the
>> ability to create the web pages as "updateable" on the sever, meaning
>> that you could open one on the web server directly, edit it and just save
>> the file in place. If you had been coding using the inline coding model,
>> this would mean that your VB or C# code would be deployed along with your
>> client code (not a good idea). If you had developed the pages using the
>> code-behind model, then the code either will be pre-compiled into one or
>> more .dll's or it won't be pre-compiled at all and instead will be
>> dynamically compiled at the server.
>> Now, having said that. These items aren't that big of a deal as far as
>> simply updating the site with changes you've made locally. The Solution
>> Explorer window has a Copy Web Site button to let you select just what
>> you want to publish.
>> -Scott
> Thanks, the Copy Web Site button works well.
> I haven't yet figured out how to upload the precompiled code-behind files.
> I've been uploading the revised source files until I learn how to upload
> the dll's
> Thanks again

If you're pre-compiling, then you need to upload the modified .aspx file(s)
and the site's .dll's as well. The .dll's will be located in the website's
/bin folder, so just ensure that this folder is uploaded and then you won't
need to upload the source code files.