From: scott on
This worked for me! I had the same problem. However I was only able to make
it work by doing a search for .dbx in all folders/files and then when it
created a long list of .dbx files I clicked the Deleted Items one. Deleted
that, and everything was back to normal/able to delete emails again. THANKS!!!

"CoolCabguy" wrote:

> CarolAnn wrote:
> > I am using Outlook Express 6.0 and suddenly can no longer delete emails. When
> > in the email itself, pressing the delete key generates a pop-up that says
> > "Email cannot be deleted." After clicking OK, the same pop-up comes up a
> > second time. Pressing ok eliminates the pop-up, but doesn't delete the email.
> > When in the email inbox, nothing happens when you press the delete key or the
> > delete icon in the header when a message is highlighted. I have no messages
> > in the delete file itself, so I don't believe it's a storage issue. Please
> > help if you can!
> I had a similar problem deleting msgs from within OE. Click 'Start' ,
> 'Search' , and in 'All Files and Folders' type Deleted Items.dbx .
> When you get the results, delete the .dbx files . Reopen OE, and a
> new, undamaged folder will be created automatically by OE.