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please visit to nearest service center as it is in warranty period to get
dusts cleaned inside the laptop , it is a common problem that when dust gets
stuck in between cpu and its heat sink leading to excess heats and hangs up.

Hope it would definitely solve your problem.

"Becka Terry" <BeckaTerry(a)> wrote in message
> Okay i just recently bought a use laptop. I've only had it for a month at
> the
> most and well its doing something i've never seen before and i would
> really
> like to know why this would be happening.
> I recently discoverd that when the laptop has been on for more then 2
> hours
> that it will seize up and the only way you can get it to finish loading or
> thinking is to tip it sideways. At first i thought maybe it was because it
> got hot or something. But then i realized it wouldnt overheat with both
> the
> fans still working perfectly.
> So if anyone knows why i would have to turn it sideways for it to load. I
> would really like to know. Thanks!