From: TomYoung on
Hi all:

A couple of days ago I left feedback to Quicken about some topic in
the Quicken Help file. The way this works is that clicking on the
"Yes" or "No" button in answer to the question "Did this Help topic
give you the information you needed?" results in Quicken starting up
your browser, open to a form on Quicken's web site. After sending in
your feedback a new page comes up with a hyperlink to Quicken Support,
should you need further assistance.

I noticed that clicking on the hyperlink *didn't* take you to Quicken
Support, it takes you to Turbo Tax Support.

Being the helpful person I am, I thought I'd advise Quicken of this
coding error on their web site. I titled my missive "This should be
an easy fix" and wrote the following:

"After providing feedback on an item in Quicken's help file I was
taken to where there was a
hyperlink - "Quicken Support" - and I was invited to click on this
link if I needed further help. Only thing is, clicking on this link
brought me to,
a Turbo Tax support site."

Today I received the Quicken Customer Care response:

"Dear Tom Young,
Thank you for contacting Quicken Customer Care. Based on my
understanding, you are unable to send your valuable feedback.

Tom, I would suggest to delete cookies, temporary Internet files
before trying to register Quicken. Please perform the steps mentioned
in the link below:

To delete Cookies and Temp files.
[Links to Microsoft Knowledge Base on deleting cookies and temporary
Internet files snipped]

Now, please use the following feedback link:

I am sure this information would help you. If not, please provide
detailed information on the same."

I just shake my head in wonder. Somewhere in India today a Quicken
Customer Care employee is being lauded for having broken the old
record for the number of high-quality responses per hour to customer

Tom Young