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Hi Jimmy:

You may want to try to defeat the caching manually by adding the following
to the META


Here is a decent reference on caching

hope this helps,

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"Jimmy Thomas" <Jimmy Thomas(a)> wrote in message
> We have a .net application in a load balanced environment using round
> robin
> per request. And BIGIP/3DNS. The architecture is IIS 6 on windows 2003
> server. Our back end is Oracle.
> we have a .net application which is using state server to store session
> information. We are getting some odd issues I am hoping can make heads or
> tails of. you have two buttons button A and Button B you click button A
> and
> button A page loads you then click back to main page and click button B
> page
> but you get button A page. Your address bar shows button B's page address
> but your display shows button A's page.
> At first we thought this was state server but that didn't make much sense
> so
> moved onto view state but even after modifying the web.config file with
> the
> following changes <pages enableViewStateMac="false" > and
> enableEventValidation=false. We are still having this issue. We are
> thinking it is some kind of caching issue but nothing has been proven out
> yet
> related to that either.