From: Jeff S. on
The server in question is Windows Server 2003 SP2:

I have written a .NET 3.5 utility app (Windows Forms app using
System.DirectoryServices) that creates new IIS Web sites. In the UI of the
app I enter a few pieces of information about the Web site to be created
(domain name, app pool, and IP address) and then click a button. At that
point, the app creates a new DirectoryEntry for the Web site root, sets a
few properties, and then creates a few virtual directories under the new Web
site's root, setting properties of each.

I have used this utility for several years without trouble. Then, last
summer, I tried to run it on a new server. On this new server, new Web sites
created by this utility app simply don't respond to requests for
default.aspx. It's as if the Web site simply doesn't exist. When viewed
through the IIS MMC console, the Web site and it's properties all appear to
be defined and set correctly. Stopping and starting the Web site does not
fix the problem. Restarting the IIS service does not fix the problem. But
what does cause the new Web site to start responding normally is if, on the
Home Directory tab in the IIS console, I click the button to Remove the
application - then save my changes - then click to Create the application -
then save my changes. At this point the new Web site serves default.aspx etc
with no problems.

So, the situation is that the utility worked just fine on one server, but
not on the new server. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the
original server - so I can't compare server configurations.

I would appreciate any suggestions for how I might go about solving this -
what I might look at in terms of server configuration. I don't think it's my
utility that's the problem; because the code hasn't changed. This exact code
worked well on a different server.