From: Big Z on
Here is my question...
I have installed SonicWall to use as a VPN from my house to my work. Yet
everytime I try to enable the connection I get an error from SonicWall
stating "Failed to open the IPSec Driver". A few of the guys at work said
the only way they were able to get around that was to reinstall Windows XP
and then load SonicWall again. I don't really want to reload Windows, too
much stuff that I would have to reinstall and I don't have that kind of time.
On a side note, I have the same program installed on my laptop and it works
fine. Both are running Windows XP Pro SP2 with all of the latest
patches/updates. Any ideas?
This VPN is being a pain! It won't run through my linksys router, I have to
direct connect to my cable modem to get it to run with my laptop, and now the
issues with my desktop.

If you need any other info or have any ideas please let me know!