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>>> Apple - great product, arsehole company.
>> There products aren't that great.
> They are pretty decent design wise, particularly with the user interface.
Agreed. UI is very good on pretty much all apple products.
Might take a bit of getting used to if you switch to apple
from a competing product, but on the whole, they are very
good to use.
> With some rather dinosaury stuff too, like the iphone OS not even being mulitiasking.
But it could also be argued that it is that simplicity of
design which is a strength. Across the board, apple products
are generally under-spec'ed compared to competitor products,
but what they do, they do exceptionally well.

Compared with Windows Mobile phones for example which are
multi-tasking - I get annoyed at mine because if I start the
GPS app, or the camera, then switch out of them, they
continue to run in the background, and flatten my battery
within hours. Neither has an actual "exit" function, so I
have to remember that if I use the app, I have to go into
task manager and explicitly kill them. Previously I used
single-tasking PalmOS - sometimes the single tasking was
annoying, but not as annoying as going to use the phone and
discovering the battery is dead.
>> For one thing, they aren't prefect or they wouldn't have to worry about faulty product returns.
> No one ever said they were perfect. Nothing ever is, even stuff as basic as cutlery etc.

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