From: Australia Mining Pioneer & Founder of the True Geology on

Jean-Paul Turcaud


20 Avenue des Guiardes

17000 La Rochelle France tel 054637xxxx

Facsimile of mail sent to British Petroleum Support

with copy sent this Wednesday 26th of May 2010 to :

US Embassy in Paris

& to US Presidency in Washington.


La Rochelle France

25 May 2010

Dear Sir,

I have viewed your top kill animation and I believe it will fail, as
any of the other capture approaches have up to now. I have thought
that only that solution that I would propose would solve your problem,
but as well it will resolve any other likely problem of the same type
as well as another current problem to wit the Indonesian mud spill.
Hence it would be considered as a transfer of technology available to
BP for patent & resale

Having been swindled of 3 major discoveries in Australia by the
combined actions of the Newmont / Newcrest Mining Criminals & of the
West Australia Government, I am not disposed to give away for free any
idea & technology which will solve this spill at the source.

Upon reading your site, I believe many other solutions have been
proposed by other people. When you will have explored and tried those,
you might come back to me to meet my price for a solution that will
immediately work.

Contract to be established in London with lawyers of BP & a
irretrievable down payment of not least than 50 000 Euros to be paid,
irrespective of travel, hotels etc expenses pending the resolution of
the spill, at which time the global payment for the discovery of the
solution to your billion dollars loss & increasing indeed. Further,
once my solution is disclosed, failure to implement it, or non-
confirmable claim by you that such solution has already been proposed,
or proposed & rejected will not be receivable. Any opposition of that
nature will immediately motion the payment of the sum agreed, for
bringing the results I am proposing.

If you are going with me on that, you will be gambling that I can give
you a general & permanent fix. You will be gambling that you might
start to count from that point in time whatever damages have
occurredÂ…. But I have over 3 mining discoveries to my credit not
counting those which have not been disclosedÂ… and never will be
indeed. I have further a particular approach to finding solution &
your case I have found the one you are looking for.

This letter might seem harsh, but it is in fact due to my knowledge of
what is worth a "Trust Agreement" with mining companies. Indeed, of
the way important companies are dealing with people not taking proper
legal steps to protect themselves, "before" discoveries have been
imparted. After it is too late, as I know too well.

If you are interested you might contact me direct by phone for a
meeting or by mail for a proposal of draft agreement.

Jean-Paul Turcaud

Australia Mining Pioneer

Discoverer & Legal Owner of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper &
Gold Mine)

Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert

Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant

Founder of the True Geology

~ Ignorance is the Cosmic Sin, the One Never Forgiven ~

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