From: Karl E. Peterson on
Paul Clement wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 10:57:10 -0800, Karl E. Peterson <karl(a)> wrote:
> � > � So now you're saying there *is* a difference between install and
> � > � deploy.
> � >
> � > No I didn't,
> �
> � Yes I did, No I didn't, Yes I did, No I didn't!
> �
> � Seriously, d00d, doesn't it get tiring arguing with yourself?
> We were getting along fine until you butt in. ;-)

I'll leave you to play with yourself, in that case...

Lord knows, my butt belongs nowhere near that game! :-)

..NET: It's About Trust!

From: Mike Williams on
"Paul Clement" <UseAdddressAtEndofMessage(a)> wrote in message

Look, Clement, just stop being an idiot and take all this dotnet stuff
somewhere else! You're just trolling now. What you are doing is designed
purely to annoy the people who are using this group for what it is intended,
which is VB6 and earlier. Micro$oft created a new and different newsgrroup
for their new and different product, and that's where you should go if you
want to discuss VB.Net. I've copied this message to the new group so if you
don't know where it is then you'll be able to find it from the details at
the top of this post.

Just go away, troll.