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� > � Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Someone has to
� > � be a hardass to nip these things in the bud.
� >
� > Not your job and I'm not sure why you have
� > to be repeatedly reminded of that.

� It's not your job to tell him it's not his job.

� Mike

Reminding someone of a policy is not a job. As a matter of fact you may want to remind him as well.

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"Paul Clement" <UseAdddressAtEndofMessage(a)> wrote in message

> Reminding someone of a policy is not a job.

Well it's not /your/ job Paul, that's for sure! Besides, you did not remind
someone of a policy. Stop making things up. You told someone it was not his
job to perform a certain specific task, and it is not your job to tell
people such things. None of us here have a"job" that other members of the
group have tasked them with performing and nobody suggested they had, until
you came along and suggested it yourself. You are a hypocrite Paul. If you
feel, as you obviously do, that you are yourself at liberty to post
admonishments then please refrain from berating others who you personally
feel have done the same. Stop being a hypocrite.


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| Not your job and I'm not sure why you have to be repeatedly reminded of

Yeah, it is. You going to stop me?

Good luck with that.

From: Karl E. Peterson on
Paul Clement wrote:
> Not much of an intellectual discussion on your part,

Presumably an impossibility when dealing with people who refuse to
display intellectual honesty.

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>"C. Kevin Provance" <*@*.*> skrev i meddelandet
>> <bitshifter(a)> wrote in message
>> news:4b7b2353.27319812(a)
>> |I did not want to start a troll thread, I really wanted to have a
>> | direction to look in from those in the know still connected to the
>> | market trends.
>> Then you should have Googled the fvcking query.
>> | I've been pensionned for about two year and am a bit out of contact
>> | with the herd.
>> @@
>> | And I do see the day I would have to move.
>> Start now, starting with this group if you insist on trolling. We have
>> enough of them as it is.
>Since he's not been a regular for the last two years, I bet his intentions
>were not what they (as usual) turned into.

Thanks, best anti-troll I've read in a long time.

Some people do have too thin skins, methink.

Beside, I did get my answers. Thanks to all on-topic posters out