From: zulu on
> You just shot off your own foot.

Want a LOL! Outing Trolls is FUN! Better Info Truman head above my
mantle, you help me? hunting unicorns is fun
From: zulu on
> Like any virtual-life role-playing freak does in their psychotic game of dungeons and dragons.

playing roll playing games in group forums even sadder then playing
rpg in game places. in game places they know they playing, you playing
rpg and think you in real life. you know there no winner in what you
playing. only looser. you. and you already loose and dont even know
it. but everyone who reads your puke knows. that funny as hell.

> LOL!

once again you posting as Outing Trolls is FUN! and signing as LOL.
get your split personalities straight mr cancer :)
From: Wolfgang Weisselberg on
zulu <zulu(a)> wrote:
>> LOL!

Mind not quoting (and not reacting to) that pest? I prefer its'
postings to be completely invisible ...

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On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 00:30:07 +0200, Wolfgang Weisselberg
<ozcvgtt02(a)> wrote:

>zulu <zulu(a)> wrote:
>>> LOL!
>Mind not quoting (and not reacting to) that pest? I prefer its'
>postings to be completely invisible ...

Of course you would. So everyone wouldn't see what a fuckingly useless
pretend-photographer troll that you are and how what I post proves you 100%
wrong every time you spew even one word.