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Mladen Gogala wrote,on my timestamp of 24/04/2010 11:42 AM:

>> There was a time that Oracle support (for me, anyway) was rock solid.
>> That time ended about three years ago.
> Yes, the time ended approximately with the advent of Oracle 10g. I
> believe that this was the 1st version not supervised by Ken Jacobs.
> He's now managing InnoDB, which is, effectively, a retirement.
> Sic transit gloria mundi.

Indeed. Alas, the current folks at Oracle appear to consider customers as a
We'll see how long that lasts, no matter how large Oracle may have become that
its size shields it from the results of such policies.

Let not that stop them from disparaging those who helped made it what it is
today: I'm quite sure that's what "marketing" is all about.
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On Sat, 24 Apr 2010 12:11:26 +1000, Noons wrote:

> Indeed. Alas, the current folks at Oracle appear to consider customers
> as a liability.

Actually, Kyle Haley once said that no database would ever create any
problems if it wasn't for the users or the data. In other words,
no users + no data = really efficient support. In the world of recession
and cost cutting all over the place, this amounts to significant savings
for the Oracle Corporation. The goal is to get the customers to send
money, as much as they possibly can, and not trouble the company with
such crazy demands like "support" or "information".

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Steve Howard <stevedhoward(a)> writes:

> So we have had a severity 1 SR open with Oracle since midnight Sunday
> morning. The bug has a note that has been on MOS since March 2009 for
> (the version we are running), yet there was no patch. The
> only workaround without a patch is to move the table to a different
> tablespace. We have had almost zero feedback from Oracle since
> Sunday, and had to rebuild an additional table on Wednesday due to the
> same issue, requiring almost a six hour outage in total over the week.
> The issue itself has to do with space reclamation in a LOB, Doc ID
> 783593.1
> We just got the patch about three hours ago. Here is the response
> from Oracle support.
> /***************
> Hi,
> The patch is now available and can be downloaded from:
> Please apply the patch and confirm whether the problem is resolved. As
> this is a severity 1 request, I would expect the patch to be applied
> within the next few hours.
> Regards,
> *********
> I am at a loss for words. I'm amazed as I watch Oracle destroy in
> about three years a reputation built up over the last 25 years.
> World Class support? Isn't this the argument they use every time they
> buy someone? I can't help but literally laugh every time I read that.

Thanks, thats made my day!

So, why are you wasting time posting here - better go and shut down your
system and apply that patch before Oracle makes you go and stand on the
'naughty step' and then sends you to bed without any dinner and don't
you dare moan about other business priorities, timezone differences or
the fact your 50 hour week is already up and you want to go home - your
the one who said it was important, so jump to it boy!

tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au
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On Apr 23, 4:41 pm, Steve Howard <stevedhow...(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 23, 5:30 pm, joel garry <joel-ga...(a)> wrote:
> > I expect that the obscured link in the OP was a backport patch.  I'm not so sure 25 years of reputation is blown away by a slightly brusque restatement of sev 1 in an SR notification.  
> 25 years was a guess as to when Oracle started to gain a real foothold
> in the industry, so that may be off.  However, if I listed every issue
> we have had with Oracle support in the last three years, then yes, it
> has been.
> > Did I miss something? Has something changed in the last 3 years that hasn't happened over and over again?
> There was a time that Oracle support (for me, anyway) was rock solid.
> That time ended about three years ago.
I'm sure I could find something like that every year there's been
oracle on usenet :-O

I'm not disagreeing with your experience, I'm all for telling it like
it is, especially the juicy bits. I can't help pointing out the "good
old days" myth when I sense it. I think Oracle has been unusually
good compared to others in the industry as far as letting us poke
about in MOS, though of course I'm always pointing out the
shortcomings (myths, lack of change tracing, unpublished mysteries,
variable quality, stonewalling, etc.).

> Hopefully your experience has been/will be different.

My experience has been there are good groups and crappy groups in
Oracle support, and periodically they revamp everything to squish the
balloon around. Then we have to figure out how to work the system
again, whether it is figuring out what time of day to call or what
magic words to say. To me it seems lots more people used to complain
about Oracle support, but that prolly is just more people used to use
usenet for these things, nowadays the pain is distributed.

My own decision on when Oracle started to step on the backs of the
others in the industry was around 1989. Before that it seemed a toss-
up (though I personally saw them overreach to get sales, it was hard
to generalize that), and the early 90's is arguable (I had work in
implementing various db engines at that time - ironic given my own
decision to throw my hat in the unix/oracle ring).

@Tim X: LOL!

-- is bogus.