From: John John - MVP on
GreyWolf wrote:
> I have a HP workstation DC5100 with Windows XP with SP3 installed and I have
> two internal hard drives. I was attempting to defrag the hard drives and
> getting an error that Disk Defragmenter could not start. After some
> troubleshooting I notice that in Disk Management that the internal hard
> drives did not show up and only the DVD drive was showing, from the command
> line utility diskpart when I listed the disks. I have attempted to do a
> chkdsk on reboot however it flash by so quickly that the only thing I cathc
> is something about RAW drives then it skips the chkdsk. I have done a chkdsk
> from a XP cd and it appears not to have changed anything. I have done a
> fsutil dirty query C: and the dirty bit is not set and I have even tried to
> set it and then go back and do the chkdsk w/o the CD and no success. Any
> ideas on how to resolve this?

More likely than not the file system type in the MBR or boot sector is
incorrect. Try using a tool like Symantec's Ptedit32, or a disk editor,
or a recovery utility to see if you can re-assign the proper file system
type to the partition. These may help:
CHKDSK: "RAW filesystem" message
What is this Raw File System