From: Joni on
True or untrue. MPC if possible, Please address each issue. Many thanks.

I visited a web site and Security messages started popping up XP Internet
Security - 2010 Unregistered Version. and alot of related messages. your
computer is infected etc and a scan started running listing all kinds of

If I went to Control Panel and clicked on Security Center I was getting
messages re Firewall Off etc. Dell told me whatever spyware or a virus was
on my computer it takes over my Security Center.

McAfee told me it removed a trojin I opened McAfee and ran a scan and the
scan was OK. These items below appeared in the log
3/7/2010 real time scan Fake Alert-WwCec Repaired (removed)
3/7/2010 real time scan Exploit-PDF.bslstr Repaired (reoved)
2/28 Real time scan Generic PUP.xlbc Cannot be repaired (this in log twice)

I have McAfee via MSN and MSN told me to download Spysweeper. I did and it
removed Rouge Security Products and many cookies but I was still getting
security messages.

I downloaded Lavasoft Ad Aware and scanned and it removed 2 cookies.

At this point stopped getting messages and the Control Panel Security
Center shows everything OK I think it may actually have been the removal of
the Rouge Security Products that fixed it rather than the Ad Aware, it may
not have cleared it before I restarted the computer.

Can you explain the Security Center Messages? Were they real or spyware

Also several days before this happened, I tried to download a program from a
web site ,fast start and it did not download properly but I could not remove
it from add remove. tried a system restore but that did not remove it
either. (see McAfee log 2/28 Generic PUP.xlbc Cannot be repaired (I tried
several ways to delete this download. In Add Remove, it is listed as
924PLC32. Supposedly a program to speed up my computer. Do you think this
was also spyware and part of the same problem? Would downloading it again
then trying to remove it possibably remove it completely?