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"Rick Sparks" <RickSparks(a)> wrote in message
> FrontPage is a great great program and is the last WYSIWYG web editor that
> doesn't require the user to learn to write code (HTML and CSS, among
> others).
> ExpressionWeb, which replaces it, has much less user-friendly
> functionality
> (a downgrade in a sense).... but, proponents will maintain that it
> produces
> 'cleaner code'.

Acually its exactly the same ... you don't have to go to code view .. in
fact even less because there are more features to push buttons to do things.
EW helps you even more by having error help... and the css editor is far
easier to use than the one in fp.. though i much prefer the css properties
rather than the style manager.

I can't think of anything you could do in fp that you can't do in ew other
than the bots (exception includes)

I wish i had had ew when i was a newbie with dwts error reporting split
screen the new css editor ....

I would not call the bots user friendly ... in my experiance they broke more
times than they worked i once spent four months with no navigation till i
figured out how to fix the shared borders.... in fact bots are the reason i
started to learn more... they flustrated me so much... there are easy
alternatives to them all in fact all of the alternatives are easier to use
and they dont break.

To the OP

There is a 60 day trial that you can get

I recommend setting it up

Setting up Expression Web Ebook ( Fr*ee )

before using it ..... there is currently (usa only) a 30% off a upgrade and
expression studio (ms store)...

or you could enter our giveaway:)

if you have fp or other qualifying products you can upgrade...

there is a service pack 1

hope this helps


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